What should i expect from the release of new intel cpus in 2013?

Hey guys, like i didn't find anything about this on the internet i needed to ask.
What should i expect with the release of new Intel Processors this year?
Thank you for anything u say :)
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  1. Nothing much. Just the following:

    1. New socket 1150.
    2. Lower power consumption.
    3. Minor increase in performance compared to Ivy Bridge CPUs. I would guess about a 6% increase assuming same clockspeed.
    4. New graphics core. The Intel HD 4600 is speculated to be about 20% more powerful than the HD 4000.
  2. So will it worth being bought?
  3. Depends on what you currently have.

    Unless the C2Q Q9450 in my primary PC dies this year, I will likely wait until Broadwell is released next year. Then in 2015 I will move Broadwell into my HTPC which currently has a C2D E6600 and buy Skylake for my primary PC.
  4. I have an almost dead Intel Pentium with an unknown gpu
  5. The general answer is that if you can wait 2 months, then wait. Buying Haswell will mean you can upgrade Broadwell; both will use the same socket.

    However, if using your current PC is very frustrating, then simply upgrade to now to an Ivy Bridge CPU. The small increase in performance would not be worth 2 more months of frustration.
  6. No i can wait,it's not that frustrating
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