I am not really computer savvy, but i'm trying to put the security i lost back on my internet, Comcast is my provider who told me i had to go through Net Gear, who told me at $176.00 they can do this something which is not feasable for me. the model is a Net Gear WNR 1000 v2
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  1. Do you still have the manual for the router?
  2. bignastyid said:
    Do you still have the manual for the router?

    If not it can be found here <-PDF

    You should be able to log in and setup everything you want.

    You should use at LEAST WPA and not WEP as it is old and more easy to break. Also, if you do not use the one touch connect options, try to turn them off as they have security holes as well.
  3. you can reset the router back to factory default by holding the reset button for 15seconds on the back if that helps any.
  4. Before resetting the router to factory defaults, it's best to check there is no ISP specific login details in there otherwise it won't connect at all when you restart it.
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