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In the NVIDIA Control Panel, you can manage your global 3D settings, and you can define settings for individual executable files (games, Photoshop, emulators, etc.). But, you cannot do the same for batch files. JPCSP is a Java-based emulator that runs from a batch file, and it's own anti-aliasing is awful. I've changed the global settings of anti-aliasing to "override the application setting" but I see no change. So, I've come to the conclusion that the control panel does not affect batch files, and only .exe files. Correct me if I'm wrong. So...

Does NVIDIA Control Panel affect batch files?
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  1. The Nvidia control panel places restrictions on certain games that don't allow you to force AA. Download Nvidia Inspector, click the wrench icon, search for the game you want, find the column labelled 'AA behaviour flag' and change it from "Treat 'Override any application setting' as 'Application-controlled" to "None".

    In some games its there for a reason, certain games don't display correctly with certain forms of AA. In others its just Nvidia being restrictive for no reason.

    EDIT- After reading through your post again I see this may not be what you are after. Though you can still try and add the batch file in the Nvidia Inspector and try it through there.
  2. A batch file runs an exe, and in your case, java.exe.
  3. k1114 said:
    A batch file runs an exe, and in your case, java.exe.

    Lemme try making individual settings for Java to see if it'll work. I've tried setting the global settings to "override" but it didn't do anything, but you never know; it might work.

    Update: Nope, didn't work, but thank you; I wasn't even putting Java into the equation before.
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