3 Monitors on 2 card SLI options

Greetings Hardware experts and aficionados,

I really want to go the route of 3 monitors for my system. I'm currently running two but I have never done any SLI configuration before so I figured to come and get some feedback.

Presently I am running an ASUS Maximus Extreme IV (R.3) with an ASUS ENGTX560 TI.

I have the option of buying another ASUS ENGTX560 TI but I was considering going the route of upgrading my graphics card to two GTX 660s since it would be a pretty significant upgrade. It does throw an extra $200 in the mix for the 2 cards I would need, but it would mean a clear upgrade.

I was reading the best gfx card for the money march issue and noticed the PowerColor's HD7870 PCS+ which is also in the same price range. (,3401.html)

I'm not a big fan of Radeon but if its at the same pricepoint and I'll get better performance with the 3 monitor system over the 660, I wouldn't be opposed to it.


The alternate monitors are for utility where the primary monitor (a nice 27") is for gaming. I don't want to negatively impact gaming performance for the sake of a 3rd monitor but I'm definitely set on needing / wanting 3 monitors in total without a loss of gaming performance.

Considering my Motherboard capabilities and my current graphics card, what good suggestions do any community experts have for me.

I appreciate anyone that can take the time to review this and give me some solid feedback.
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    Instead of 2 660's, go for a single 670 or 680, you can run 3 monitors on one of those and don't have to deal with any stuttering issues, and then in the future you can upgrade with another 670 or 680.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. Looking at some of the options.... the 670 4GB seems like a clear choice for 3 monitors in my search. Some mention an active displayport.... what would I need to connect all 3 monitors to the single card?
  3. You can use any combo depending on what your monitors support, most I believe use the two DVI ports and an HDMI, but if you have a monitor that takes display port you can add that into the combination.
  4. Thanks for your input I greatly appreciate it. I'll just go the route of DVIx2 and HDMI.
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