Eye infinity with 2 monitors and 1 plasma tv?

Ok im trying to do a triple screen set up. The 2 monitors on my desk are hooked via hdmi to mini displayport adapter attaced the my 7870 and the other monitor is through a dvi cable. The tv which is behind me is connected via hdmi cable plugged into the graphics card.

I want to be able to hook up all three but use the plasma primarly for gaming and leaving the other 2 monitors free. Is that possible?

Currently CCC only allows me to use 2 screens at a time and if i want to use the 3rd it makes me replace it with 1 of the 2.
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  1. Ok .... so you kinda confused me.

    7870 -> Mini-DP to HDMI adapter -> Monitor
    7870 -> Mini-DP to HDMI adapter -> Monitor
    7870 -> HDMI -> TV


    7870 -> Mini-DP to HDMI adapter -> Monitor
    7870 -> DVI -> Monitor
    7870 -> HDMI -> TV


    You need to use an active adapter for the mini-dp -> whatever connection. If the adapter is not active, you cannot use all three screens.
  2. ^ As said above you MUST have one of your monitors on a active DisplayPort adapter there is no way around it. So I gather you are not wanting to do a Eyefinity but instead 3 independent monitors? You will still need one of them on DisplayPort but that would make more sense than trying to do a Eyfinity with that mismatch set of monitors.
  3. yes that 2nd figure was correct. Only my ips monitor is using the hdmi dvi adapter http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/products/computer-accessories/RF-AP305.html

    It seems to be an active adapter but skill can use al 3 screens
  4. I do not believe that is an active adapter.
    You need something more along the lines of this:
    or this
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