EVGA GTX 660 vs HIS 7870 vs sapphire 7870 xt, which one ?

I need a GPU to install in my new rig
I built the rig for CAD so I was looking for nVidia cards around my budget (not more than 240$).
The only card I found was GTX 660 (non ti)
however, i found the AMD Bundle in their cards is intersting. I get Bioshock Infinite" and Tomb Raider with the 7870. And most reviews show that 7870 has higher benchmark

Now my question, does the GTX 660 really worth it with their CUDA thing ? I will be using ANSYS mainly but also I will do gaming (converting from Ps3 and Xbox360).
I used ANSYS in the old rig which got an old AMD card and it was fine, so is it really worth it with the CUDA?? is there going to be a huge difference?

the other question
I found two 7870 brands:
HIS 7870 IceQ 2 GB
sapphire 7870 xt 2 GB

which one is better ? the HIS is 20 $ less, but is the sapphire XT much better?

and the most important thing for all cards (the 660 and the two 7870 ) is the reliability. I want a decent card without any long term problems (heating or shuttering or crashing)

The reliability thing is among the performance for me

My spec are:
intel i7 3770k
asrock extreme4 z77
corsair ram 16gb
corsair 750 watt psu
500 GB blue WD HDD
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    The XT version of the HD7870 is more properly a cut-down HD7950, so it would be the faster card. Your PSU can handle it; can your case handle the added heat? If not, the HIS HD7870 (if it has their Black Hole cooler) will exhaust its heat from your case.
    Either card should outperform the GTX660. If you plan at some point to run two cards though, get the GTX because Crossfire has problems that SLI does not, according to the FCAT tests now being done. All of them are competent for 1920x1080 gaming.
  2. since you mentioned the Case. I did not know the differences between all cases so i just picked this one
    Aerocool Strike-X Advance
    is it good enough to handle the XT edition ??
    it got one fan in the upper side and one at the back and also IF i'm not mistaken i can install one at the side
  3. That link seems to be blocked at work. Chances are there's a fan in the front too, or a place for one. It should have enough cooling.
  4. It looks like it has plenty of cooling capacity.
  5. so it is XT edition ?
    what about the overall reliability for this card? does it have any problems like crashing ?
  6. For that, you'll need to read reviews. You may wish to start a new thread, specifically to ask about the reliability of the HD7870 XT cards.
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