my PC is not boot after got freeze windows 7

my PC is not reboot after got freeze I try everything from unplug drivers and wires even the CPU I clean it all fans are working I reset all hardware wires and steel nothing, its turn on but that's set nothing else no beep aether, somebody got a suggestion please need help,ECS motherboard P4m900 series GEFORCE 9400 gt Sega hd 320 g and WD 500,GL DVD,and Hitachi CD DVD;I will appreciate some help Thank you
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  1. Hi,

    Es ist moeglich, dass dein CPU heissgelaufen wurde. Kannst du dein PC mit einem anderen CPU starten versuchen?

    Sorry fuer mein Deutsch, hab wenige Moeglichkeiten zum Ueben :)

    If your name isn't indicative of your nationality, I'll edit haha
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