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I will be using it mainly for homework and web browsing and some gaming. I won't need to do any editing or anything, so the color reproduction doesn't seem like it will be too important. I can stretch my budget to about $150 if it will make a big difference.

I am hoping for a 23" or 24" monitor. Should be 1920x1080 and 5ms or better. I don't think the brightness will be too important. I also don't need 3D or TV receivers or touchscreen or anything. Speakers would be a plus but not vital. I was wondering how important the contrast ratio is and which of the ratios I should look at.

I am hoping to go to Fry's and pick one up today. I was looking at this one:

Any recommendations? I am not at all set on the one I have, but it seemed like a good starting point to give an idea of what I'm looking at.

By the way, I'm building the computer right now. No GPU, i5 3570k build-in graphics (Intel HD 4000).
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  1. Go on ebay...I got a 170 dollar monitor for 145 (that includes shipping). Here is the monitor I got:
  2. I'm don't really want used or refurbished monitors, also I want to be able to pick it up at fry's or best buy or the like tonight.
  3. Try this?
    Asus has some pretty good monitors.
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    All depends on the particular sale on the particular day, at a particular store.
    Couple of months ago, I got 2 x HP ZR22w IPS monitors and a killer 2 wide stand for $260.

    If you're buying tonight, go to the store, and see which one looks best to your eyes.
  5. Mine wasn't used or refurbished. I'd also advise against making purchases when you have to have them now. Do your research, find a good deal on a good monitor- be patient. Whenever I make purchases like you want to I end up regretting it 100% of the time.
  6. yeah that should be fine since its instore why do you jus drive down and take a look at the picture quality.

    22" for $156, comes with integrated speakers, seems to be phenomenally-well rated.
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