COD4 Crash freeze stutter problem

Howdy guys, so I've came across that problem in COD4 where it crashes your whole computer, and loops the last millisecond of playback. I've read numerous threads on this, some on here, but none of the solutions people have had work. I've plugged a microphone into my mic port, updated my drivers, etc. You name it, i've most likely done it. I really want a solution to this.. Also, on another note, I've been getting FPS drops lately after using MSI afterburner.. Anyone know anything about that as well?
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  1. You may have your card running do hot, you should try downclocking the card first and also uninstall all drivers and reinstall them if niether of these work, something is wrong D:.
  2. I haven't clocked anything, so that's not the problem. Nothing is overheating either. My card sits at like 30c.
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