trying to find a good cheap mouse and keyboard

So I'm in the market for a new mouse/keyboard with a $40.00 max budget. I've been searching but cannot seem to find a good fit. I need a mouse WITH two side buttons (one on each side) and a scrolling wheel that is good for gaming (the one I currently have has an awful scrolling wheel that doesn't work at all for gaming). The keyboard can NOT be ergonomic. A keyboard/mouse combo is fine as is separate. I would definitely prefer buying from tiger direct because my friends dad has free shipping =P.

My current mouse & keyboard, for reference:

Programmable buttons on the keyboard are always great, if possible, though I probably won't kill myself over it if they are missing.

Thanks so much, GO TOMMY!!!!!
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  1. $40 each, or for both?
  2. $40.00 total
  3. For that price, I would just get what has the best reviews on tigetdirect if you want to order off there. I've had cheap keyboards from Microsoft, Acer & Logitech all last me awhile.
  4. I've been using this Keyboard and Mouse for about a year, it's perfect for everything from simply typing to gaming.
  5. Cooler master devastator keyboard and mouse combo. I had the red version, very nice, nice lighting, on and off led switch. Mouse has 2 programmable thumb buttons. I reccomend it.
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