Upgrading Motherboard without reinstalling Windows 7 immediately

So recently my computer froze, like completely froze. After holding the power button to turn it off I turned it back on only to encounter the annoying no signal to monitor problem.

After testing the majority of my components I have narrowed the root of the problem down to either my Motherboard or my CPU (I have ordered replacements for both)

What I want to know is, after putting everything back together will I be able to boot up with my current installation of Windows 7 first, to back a few things up, before I do a fresh install.
I can't back anything up as I have no way of accessing my current HDD until I have my pc fixed.
Also will the fact I'm going from AMD to Intel make this harder?

Just for reference my current Mobo is the m5a78l-m/usb3 And my current CPU is AMD FX-4100 Black Edition.
They will be replaced by the asus P8Z77-V LX2 and an Intel i5 3470

Sorry for the long first post. Hope I can get a quick response before they arrive in the next couple of days :)
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  1. No you will not be able to boot into your old installation with a new motherboard and processor. Hopefully you partitioned your hard drive.... You can install your old hard drive into a working tower to grab your media files etc.
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    Also if you do not format your old files will be put into a Windows.old folder then you can access them from there after you re install. But as I said that will only work if you choose NOT to format when you do the new install.

    But as for your main question there would be know way to boot your old install with the new CPU and motherboard.
  3. I've swapped out motherboards before and was able to plug the HDD in and use it straight away. Just try it, it may just ask you to re-activate windows. You can probably ignore that long enough so you can back up your stuff.
  4. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I've decided I will just do a format and fresh install. I have few games I used to play on another PC so I can just use Windows Easy Transfer to get that sent over. I was just worried about losing a certain 25gb game and having to redownload on a measly 1.8mbps download speed.
    Again, thanks for the replies :)
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