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Hi, I just set up my first water cooling rig and the temps seemed a little high, so I just wanted to get a second (or more) opinions. I'm cooling a i7-3930k stock with a Koolance i-380 water block, an XSPC RX360 rad with 3 Gentle Typhoons running anywhere from 1200-1800 RPMs in Pull, and a Swifttech MCP655 PWM pump.

When idling I'm seeing a CPU temp from Asus Probe of around 25C, the core temps from Real Temp range from 27-32C. Most of the temps I see reported range around 26-28, but I'm not sure if those are from the CPU sensors (which I believe is external to the CPU) or the temp of the actual cores. If its CPU I'm doing great, cores not so much.

Under a 100% load using Prime95 I'm around 40C on the CPU from Asus Probe, and 46-49 on cores from Real Temp.

I was just wondering what everyone though of the numbers? Do they seem right? If not any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong? I do know that there is a problem with the PWM on my pump, so I'm only running at 60% until my replacement arrives, but not sure how much of a difference that would make.

Thanks and I appreciate the help.
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  1. Those temps (from either) are fine, fairly good actually.
    Must be freezing where you are, ~15°C?
  2. Those temps are fine. With water or air cooling it can't get colder then room temperature.
  3. Thanks for the replies. My end goal is to overclock a bit, but wanted to be sure that I had the stock temps stable. The CPU temps seemed good, but was a little worried about the core. My house temp is set to about 19C or so, but I'm in the basement, so probably around 17-18C. I know I can't get cooler than room temp, but with the room being what it is and the fluid sitting around 22C or so I thought that maybe I should be doing a little bit better. Good to know that I'm doing okay though, thanks again for the help!
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