AMD FX 4170 + AMD HD 7870 Low FPS

Hello. My computer has started getting bad fps on games like COD4 Black Ops 2 and arma 3 I was wondering what the issue is being caused by please help

My Specs:
Motherboard: Asrock extreme 3 970
CPU: AMD FX-4170, 4.2ghz
GPU: HIS AMD Radeon HD7870
RAM: G.skill 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3
HDD: Western Digital 500gb
Power Supply: Corsair GS700w
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  1. Hmm how low are the FPS going?

    Do you have the latest graphics drivers installed?

    Also, are your temperatures good?

    Has it always been this way or something that just started?
  2. remember for black ops you should have latest patch.install latest game patch
  3. I upgraded my card from a 6770 and the fps is worst now
    I have the latest drivers installed
    I am getting 25 FPS in Arma 3
  4. Make sure your AMD Catalyst drivers are the newest version.

    Try turning on vsync too see if that helps.
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