Graphic card budget comparison: GTX 660ti vs GTX 670

I'm building my first gaming rig this fall and I'm still struggling with a major decision. Which graphics card is best for my use and budget?

The two in particular that I'm looking at are
MSI N660Ti PE 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 660 Ti $309.99
EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW $369.99

I've been told these are near the best for value and overclocking.

Are these good cards choices to be comparing/considering or are there better ones out there for the value? I plan to do medium overclocks on whatever GPU I end up with if at all possible. Also, if situations allow in a year or so I may want to add in a duplicate card for SLI (assuming there isnt a better/cheaper replacement card entirely).

So, the real the jump in cost justified by the increase in performance between these two cards? My build is already hitting approx. $1600 with parts, monitors, and accessories so I'd like to minimize as much as possible but not bottleneck myself for future games or have the build underpowered.
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  1. imo go for gtx 670 it worth every penny and way faster than gtx 660ti and will last longer than ti.

    "one time investment = long time investment"

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    1) The graphics card is always the most important part when it comes to gaming. Spending a little more for a GTX670 will reward you proportionately far more than the percentage increase in cost you spent for the entire system.

    2) SLI (and Crossfire) aren't recommended due to micro-stuttering and other issues. In general, it's just best to upgrade to a better graphics card in two or three years.

    3) I'm not sure of your parts build, but there may be ways to reduce the cost elsewhere and funnel that money towards a better graphics card.

    4) You're comparing a 660Ti that's overclocked with a better cooling system (and I wouldn't overclock further) with a 670 that likely doesn't have as good cooling. The performance gap between them would be closed a bit (though the memory bus issue remains if we want to get technical so I recommend the 670 if possible).

    If you're going to get a 670, there are cards with better cooling like this one:

    6) Don't forget AMD. This card (HD7950):
    - costs $310 after MIR
    - includes digital coupons for 2 games: Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite
    - this card in particular has a good cooling solution

    Let's say the two games cost $110 for easy math. The card now costs $200 compared to an NVidia 670 which is almost double that with no good games.
  3. 670 is beast ...but if u have sone budget issue then go for HD 7950 its bang for the money worth every peny ....and good for over clock also and some recent games are amd sided like crysis 3 and bf4 i mean in that 17 min trailer for bf4 they use a amd gpu ....

    but if u can buy 670 go for that
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