GTX 550 ti vs Radeon HD 7770

Hey guys at the moment I'm looking to buy a new GPU for my computer. Here are the specs of my build:
-Intel Core i3 3225
-Gigabyte B75M-D3P
-4 Gigs DDR3 Ram
-Radeon HD 4850
-500 Watt Power supply

So pretty much I have the HD 4850 which I got for free from a friend. But on startup my computer bluescreens several times. I've diagnosed the issue and its the card for sure. I will mostly use this new card for gaming purposes. My budget for a new card is under 120$. My two options are the EVGA GTX 550 ti (On sale at my local best buy for $99.99) or the Radeon HD 7770 GHZ edition from sapphire on newegg for $120 ($104.99 after rebate). So which is the better buy? Also feel free to recommend other cards in the sub $120 range. Thanks in advance!
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  1. 7770 performs better and is current generation and has low power consumption. 550 Ti is previous generation. I'd recommend 7770 if you'll be gaming. After all, it's only $5 more.
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    hd 7770 is way faster than gtx 550ti.

  3. yes i agree get the 7770 ghz edition
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