Will AMD A10-5800K Trinity Dual Graphics work with a Radeon HD 4850?

Will the AMD A10-5800K Trinity work with a Radeon HD 4850 in Dual Graphics Mode? want to do a HTPC and i have a hd 4850 laying around. it will mainly be a HTPC with some gaming on a 47" 120Htz 1080p TV.

Thanks in Advance, Alice
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  1. no it will not work.a10 cpu only works with hd 6670 in dual mode.you nedd hd 6670 to xfire with hd 7660d
  2. If you are building a HTPC the A10 by itself be good enough.
  3. i like to game too so it would be dual purpous build. mainly htpc but want to plsy wow mop in ultra setting too
  4. as i said you need hd 6670 for dual mode
  5. You will probably get better performance using the 4850 on its own, than using the dual mode anyway...
  6. i want use hdmi to my 47" tv and my 4850 sadly has no hdmi prt. so i supose i can use onboard to play things like wow. would it still play things like lego games and tomb raider and bio shock ok on just the apu?
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