Iomega 1tb hard drive not allowing me to access

I have been using this hard drive on my computer and tv for the past year with no problems. My brother plugged it into his laptop two days ago and it didn't recognise the drive - said that the disk needed to be formatted? Obviously, I didn't do that! I have just returned home and plugged it into my laptop, same thing, not working. I have tried re naming the drive, didn't work, it says that the format type is RAW and the bar is blue, says that it is healthy and active. I can see it in my computer - however, its name (that I gave it) does not show up?

Not sure what is wrong, but would be eternally grateful to anyone who could help me troubleshoot this wonderfully timed problem!
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  1. try right click my computer>manage>disk management see there if the drive is being seen as unallocated space.

    btw. if it ask to make the drive active say no.
  2. Perhaps, the drive file system is not compatible with the computer file system of your friend.
    Is there something important data on this drive?
    If so, you need a third-party data recovery tool to get back your data at first and format this drive to make it work well there afterwards. (Don't worry. There are many data recovery tools online. You should do some researching about "data recovery utility" and land a right one for your hard drive. You also could download a free data recovery tool to resolve your problem:
    If there is nothing important, you could straightly format it for its functional use.
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