will my cpu bottleneck my pc?

hi there. my birthday is in a few months, and i was looking to upgrade my budget pc i built at christmas. here are the specs:
amd athlon 2 x4 640
cooler master elite 430
1tb hdd
corsair vengeance 4gb ram
asrock n68c-gs fx
nvidia 8800 gts 320mb
ocz 500w psu.
now for my birthday i was looking to upgrade my mtherboad to an msi 970a-g46 because it is cheap and has sli etc. i was also going to try and get 2 560 ti's, because on ebay they are about £60-70. i was also going to get a corsair 750w modular psu, and if there was money left over a corsair c70.
now i know my cpu isnt impressive, but reading around it seems to be worse than i thought. i only run games at 1024x768 at the minute due to problems with my tv and adaptors, but i want to be able to play games flawlessly at 1080p. would i be better of only getting one 560, and something like an fx-8150, or go for like an i3/i5 if i can, or is my cpu okay. please help, thanks
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  1. At 1024x768 the Athlon will bottleneck your 560ti SLI
    I would say not to go that route, better get single 560TI and something like an fx-8150 as you have already planed.
    Single 560Ti with Athlo looks to me the best match.
    Fx-8150 is much better than the Athlon for games and would be more suited if you SLI 560s.
  2. so should i go for a single 560 and fx-8150, then add a second for sli later?
  3. Go for FX8320 which is newer and better than the 8150.
  4. doesnt the 8320 have less cache? how is it better? it is £10 cheaper than the 8150
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    kjbrown972 said:
    doesnt the 8320 have less cache? how is it better? it is £10 cheaper than the 8150

    The newer FX x3xx series are better. Read here :

    Fx- 8320 > Fx-8150 > athlon 2 x4 640
  6. intel is still clearly better, but i dont have that kind of money. thank you. i have decided i will go with the fx-8320, a 560 ti, the msi motherboard and the corsair psu. if my budget allows i will also be picking up a btifenix shinobi for good cable management. thank you
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