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Hello I received the fan splitter I ordered today. On one of the fans receivers there is a metal pin missing is this normal?
[....] [. ..] This is how they look.

I remember reading 3 pins are for power and 1 is for control because they will both be running at the same speed and off the same fan control. It doesn't need the pin. Is that correct? Just looking for some conformation before I install it. Thanks
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  1. I believe that is correct since the speed is controlled by voltage drop by the motherboard connector.
  2. No PWM does not use a voltage drop to control fan speed. Rather it uses a Pulse width modulation (PWM) signal that is read by a control circuit on the fan which then adjusts the fan speed accordingly. PWM fans are feed a constant 12V from the motherboard.

    A PWM fan uses 4 wires; fan speed signal, PWM signal, 12V & 0V.

    The splitter will have 4 wires that attach to the first fan and 3 for the 2nd fan. This is because the motherboard can only monitor one fan and will then use that reading to control both fan accordingly via the PWM signal.
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