Linksys E2500 Ethernet Port Problems (Xbox 360 and Roku Player)

After some problems with my old Netgear router, I purchased a new Linksys E2500 and set it up last night. After some problems with the installation disk hanging up a few times, I finally got the router configured and got connected to the internet on wireless and on one of the ethernet ports for my desktop PC. However, this morning when I turned on my Xbox 360 to watch Netflix, my Xbox wouldn't connect to Live and when I went to test the connection, it tells me that no ethernet cable is plugged in despite the activity light flashing for the ethernet port on the router that the Xbox is plugged into. To further test this, I turned on our Roku player in the living room (a streaming media box that plays Netflix, YouTube, and other services) and it said that there was no ethernet cable plugged in as well. Please help, if there's any further information necessary, please let me know! It's strange that a wired connection to my desktop computer is working perfectly but others are not.
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    Plug the cable that comes from the router to the PC into the xbox instead of the PC. If it works, plug the cable you had in the xbox into the port the PC was plugged into to test that cable, if that doesn't work, the cable is bad (same goes for the roku). it could also be those two ports on the router that you had tried connecting to the xbox and roku.

    if things aren't working, turn EVERYTHING off, and then just turn on the modem, let it boot for 2 minutes, then the router, give it 2 more minutes, then the xbox, roku, and PC. Check the cable connection on all of those devices.
  2. Got it fixed! Thank you, ittimjones!
  3. Does that mean I get the Best Answer/Solution? :D
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