reliability of the sapphire HD7870 XT

I am asking about the sapphire 7870 XT card, is it reliable ? does it have any problems like over heating, crashing or anything else?
I have read about people having problems with unstable clock or something like that, so is it for all XT edition?
and what about the black screen issue ? is it true also for all XT ?

I need to get a card without a headache. And i am not interested in overclocking at all since it may cause some problems

My spec is
My spec are:
Intel i7 3770k
asrock extreme 4 z77
corsair ram 16gb
corsair 750 watt psu
500 GB blue WD HDD
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  1. What size and resolution is your monitor? Also what is your budget? I only know one person who has an XT and his first one died in 2 weeks. He got a replacement and I think it's still going strong.

    The XT is ~$250, is that your budget cap? I would highly recommend a GTX 660ti. Which is more like $300.
  2. for now Im using 19" LED monitor but I will use the Pc later on 32 Full HD
    my budget is not more than 240$ and I found the XT around that price, what makes me want to get an AMD card is thier games bundle (Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider)

    is the 660 ti much much more better than the 7870 ? and is it reliable ? does it woth the extra 60$ (and the two games) ??
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    They're both reliable, I've just read of issues with the XT and Tahiti LE. Which is probably why there aren't many on the market. The performance is excellent for the price point, but if you're talking about reliability, I would go for a 7870 GHz edition, then you get the reliability and the games you want. You will take a small hit in performance but nothing too noticable.

    This card has high enough clocks to get you close to XT performance, it's reliable, runs much cooler than the XT, uses less power, and still comes with the games you want.

  4. I have the Sapphire 7870 XT, and it is a terrible card. I have only been using it for a few days and the
    performance is already a downhill. It has good performance in-game, but has many bugs and crashes.
    With popular high-running games you will get a ton of crashes here and there. I suggest you got for another card other than this one as it is terrible. I suggest you get an NVIDIA card.
    Don't forget, this card was made to be a 7950, but it failed, so they tagged it as 7870 XT.

  5. hi there
    i've got the sapphire xt card, my first one rma'd, the second is running fine. From what i've read the problems (possibly including my rma but i'm not sure) are often to do with the PSU. It seems you need a sustained 30A on the 12V line, the fact that your PSU is 500W or 600W doesn't necessarily guarantee this - older style PSU's give more power to 5v and 3v lines and as a result haven't enough sustained power for the card.
    after rmaing i changed my 550W ezcool PSU for a seasonic x650. With the new PSU and new card all games are running fine, i haven't had particular issues, i've already overclocked to 1100Mhz and stress tested without any issues (tempreatures a little high for my liking when overclocked, about 80°C which worried me but i didn't have any stability problems) stress testing without the OC was fine with temps at about 72° at full GPU load using default fan settings, manually raising fan levels allowed me to keep the card under 70°c while stress testing.

    all in all, i would say that after these initial issues i'm happy with the card.

    However, I would say that the sapphire tech spec sheets are not clear on the PSU issue. they only say that 500w is necessary for a single card and then give a list of recommended PSU's, no mention of 12V lines or such. on the official forum when i asked for help it was suggested that running a good 7870xt with a bad PSU could damage the card. a bit bizarre that the company should prefer to let clients fry their cards and then RMA them rather than clarify exactly what specs are needed ... and a bit annoying that lots of people like me budget for a card and then have to buy a new PSU to make the card work.

    officially the BSOD issue was related only to a certain batch of 7870's - from their official forum "SAPPHIRE Technology has confirmed that a technical issue has been identified in two models of its HD 7870 series graphics cards, specifically SKU numbers 11199-16 and 11199-19 that were manufactured before Jan 23 2013 and before serial number A130300061911" so the BSOD shouldn't be related.

    hope this helps
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