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After recently reorganizing the interior of my case, it became apparent that the fan control knob for my Cooler Master V8 is just not going to work anymore. The wires connecting the knob to the cooler are just too short for my liking (I currently have it in the 4th expansion slot down and it is just barely long enough to reach). Also, the fact that there is a tight wire stretching over my gpu and sound card makes me uneasy. In the future I may be expanding to a second gpu in sli which would make the knob entirely too short. Is there any way I can bypass the knob? I don't care about loosing the control, as I have it at max all the time anyway.
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  1. I had one of these a few years ago, and I can think of a few ways to handle this (presuming you have a reason for not wanting to buy a different cpu cooler):
    1. run the wires under the back end of the expansion cards (between the raised plastic of the slot and the back of the motherboard). This might allow it to reach the furthest slot of the case. You'd probably need to remove the expansion cards to do this, then put them back in afterwards
    2. unmount the knob from the bracket and use tape, a zip tie, or whatever to keep it out of the way - attaching it to one of the plastic surfaces of the v8 itself should be safe enough.
    3. since the knob is probably just a rheostat, you could cut the wires from it and reconnect them with a wire nut. (though I don't know how safe this is)
  2. It would likely be a temporary solution, as I am intending on eventually upgrading to a H100i later on. I am however, weary of the idea of butting the wires. I do not want to cause a short and fry components.
  3. In the description at Newegg, Cooler Master claims the dial adjusts the voltage, but if you look carefully at it, it's a near-perfect match to the main image in this Wikipedia article:
    With only two wires attached, it can only vary the resistance, not the voltage. Thus splicing the wires for the knob to each other would have the same effect as having the knob set for maximum fan speed. You would still have to make sure the wires are insulated from shorting against other components in the system.

    However, if this is only temporary, you might end up giving/selling the cooler to someone else once you get the H100i you're planning, and that person might actually want the knob there, so on that basis, I'd say you're better off with #1 or #2.
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