3.60ghz i7 or a higher clock speed of 4.2ghz i3 0r duel core...which one???

now I seen alota people argue with the speed and the i7 thingi...??? some say that i7 is good for video encoding and stuff like that and im sure of that but then they say that it decreases gaming performance.... others say that the i7 with a lower clock speed is better then i3 with a higher clock speed??? now please give me some usefull info sothat I now whick cpu I should buy for ultra extreme graphics working extremely good with the GTX660 2GB... please guys im really serios of the new pc I wane buy! :)
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  1. Are you a gamer or a video editor, what is your budget?
  2. I3 has 2 cores, I5 has 4 cores, I7 has 4 cores plus 4 hyperthreading cores. 4+4 cores is going to blow away 2 cores in more things as more and more stuff has become multicore available.

    People say the I7 is a waste for gaming because more games only use 2-4 cores so the extra 4 hyperthreading cores aren't used if you are just gaming, that extra $100 between an I5 and I7 could go for a better video card. If you are video encoding, editing, etc, then those extra 4 hyperthreading cores do come in handy.

    Eitherway, in 2013, I wouldn't buy a dual core PC for anything.
  3. Theres no such thing as "Hyperthreading cores". Hyperthreading simply allows each core to run two threads, which does give you a boost if your application can utilize the extra threads, but its not the same as having extra cores.
  4. The major difference between the Intel® Core™ i5 and the Intel Core i7 is hyper-threading. Now as Rob said hyper-threading allows a core to run two threads. I think the best way to view hyper-threading is to think of it as left-overs. Rarely does a processor use all the resources of the core; so what hyper threading does is that it allows a second pathway for information to enter the processor and take advantage of the left over resources. The problem with this is that it is never going to give you 100% of the full resources of that processor and very few applications are going to use more than then 4 threads. So for most games hyper threading has very limited value for gaming over an Intel Core i5.
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