A10-5800k build, I would need an advice before buying

Hi there, my parents who have an old Pentium 4 computer asked me to build them a new one to be a little more up to date. They got me a budget of 400$ maximum, shipping and taxes include, it's a bit short but anyway they will only use it for Internet, Facebook games, and my sister for games like Sims 3 and some of that kinds...
It was a bit challenging for me to fit under the budget as they told me that if I could not use all the whole 400$ it would be a plus.

Here is the build, from pcpartpicker.
as you can see i haven't select a case, my dad will keep the old white-yellowish one...

And I already bought the OS.

What do you think about this one? Is it good enough?
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  1. I might do it differently.
    1. I think a much cheaper Intel G1610 @$50 on up to the $100 G2130 would do the job.
    The intel integrated graphics is not as strong as the 5800K for fast action games, but is plenty good for movies, and the games you described. Any socket 1155 motherboard will do.
    2. If you will keep the case, can you also keep the psu? I don't think I would pick a cheap rosewill psu.
    The Corsair builder series CX430 is the same $30 after rebate. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139026
    3. 8gb is good, but buy a 2 x 4gb kit so you can run in dual channel mode.
    4. If you do not have a need for lots of storage, buy a 120gb ssd for $100 or so instead. You will get a big improvement in performance and satisfaction.
  2. Thanks for your answer.
    1. Why would you go with a weaker CPU even if this one is powerfull enough for the purpose? Just because it's cheaper? Would I really be that wrong if I continue to pick the A10-5800k? Just to be sure it will tough for years, and still be good for games my sister will play in the future.
    2. For the power supply, I'll take a new one because my father told me the old one won't tough any longer according to him. I don't know his reasons but... we will see for that point if I can change/remove it. And for the link you sent, it's newegg USA, i'm from canada,... not the same rebate then.
    3. I don't exactly know what dual channel is, but I heard it's better. Could you explain me shortly what will be the real benefit? Speed? Better management of the ressources?
    4. We have been used at home to have a 40go for years, but now they tested a 320go they got a taste for big space, (now mommy can rips all her music, and daddy can stop to use thumb stick for everything) so dad asked me to get a bigger hard drive considering a 320go will cost 20$ less than a 1 to... (and he cannot use his old one, because of the connector, he told me)
  3. 5800k will work better in the long run .. intel is strong on the cpu side but weak on the gpu side. don't forget to add your windows OEM or retail..
  4. 1.. you asked for <$400 in cost if possible. I missed the .ca part... sorry.
    It looks like the Pentium G series is not on newegg.ca. It would not be wrong to pick the 5800K. But, you are unlikely to use all 4 cores, or the graphics capability.
    My thought is that two faster cores would be superior. At the same price, I might pick the i3-3220.
    2. Good advice from dad. A cheap/bad psu can destroy anything it is connected to. Economize elsewhere.
    And, I did find the CX430 with a $10 rebate making it $35.
    3. Dual channel operation lets the cpu access two banks of ram at the same time. It slightly speeds up cpu processing.
    And, for what it is worth, the intel cpu's do not perform significantly worse with 1600 ram. Read this:http://www.anandtech.com/show/4503/sandy-bridge-memory-scaling-choosing-the-best-ddr3
    I might suggest this kit:
    4. We all have a budget. But, if you can, try to get a ssd into your budget for the os and a few apps. Yes, you probably want a hard drive for storage. But a SSD really makes the pc come alive.
    A Samsung 840 120gb ssd will be $100. http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147188
    Amd needs fast ram to perform well.
  5. goodguy713 said:
    5800k will work better in the long run .. intel is strong on the cpu side but weak on the gpu side. don't forget to add your windows OEM or retail..

    Ok, thanks for your advice about the 5800k, and for the windows as I mentionned, I already bought it.
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