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Hello all, first post here so please forgive any faults in manners.

I am trying to determine which processor will make for a better choice in my new CAD workstations. It has come down to (I think) the I7-3770K and the Xeon E31270 V2. I am leaning towards the I7 but am really concerned about the single core performance since AutoCAD verticals cannot utilize more than one core.

I am also wondering if the difference in the RAM speeds 1333 (Xeon) and 1600 (I7) is large enough to sway consideration.

Any input would be appreciated.

- KFD -
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  1. There are two things that most would view as difference makers they are the ability to overclock on the Intel® Core™ i7-3770K and the ability to use ECC memory with the Intel Xeon® E2-1270 V2. You can see the direct comparison at http://ark.intel.com/compare/65727,65523
  2. The processors are going to be virtually identical (+/- 5-10%) in most benchmarks. The RAM speeds isn't going to make a huge difference either (+10% approximate).
  3. I would go with core i7 because xeon are optimized for servers.
    Xeon would do the job but not as well as the xeon I guess

    here's another thread asking this

  4. The Xeon E31270 V2 is a great CPU is your need ECC memory for your CAD work. From what i've read, any AutoCAD program should work just fine with the Corei7 processor, you don't noeed the ECC memory.
    With a 14 dollar difference, I'd go with the Corei7, since it can be easily overclocked... and you can game with it when your done with work.
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. This has definitely been a huge help!

    - KFD -
  6. Oh and do any of you have a recommended motherboard?

    - KFD -
  7. whats your price range?
    GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UP5 TH @ $249.99
    ASRock Z77 Extreme6 @ $154.99

    both are good boards at two different price points
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