need help when looking for a new motherboard

i am buying a new motherboard it is the

my current mobo is

what i want to know is will everything fit, such as the gpu, psu, cpu, ram will everything work out of the box without flashing bios or something, also will it fit in the case if my current mobo fits.
my specs are:
3tb hdd
gtx 560 ti
fx 8350
16gb ram
750w psu
and my case is
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  1. dude, just flash the bios on the motherboard you have as of now and it should work fine with a new fx chip. no need to buy a new one

    oh and as of the CPU, pick up the 8320 instead. perform the same after overclocking
  2. i already ave these and i am upgrading my mobo, what i need to know is will it work?
  3. your current mobo works fine. no reason to upgrade. if you do want a upgrade, this is the one to get

    and it should fit
  4. what about the heat dispersers on the sabertooth, would that actually make a difference.
  5. barely. what is your max overclock you can achieve with the board you have right now?
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