Black ops 2 freezes mid game

I need help I have just go black ops 2 and pretty much every game it freezes and I can hear the sounds but i'm frozen and then I leave to my desktop screen and I can't shut it I have to wait for it to say black ops 2 has stopped working. It wont let me close it either. I have had problems in the past with battlefield 3 where at random moments it says you gpu drivers 314.?? have stopped working and have sucesfully recovered. the reason why i mentioned that is two or three times I have had this message come up on bo2 and has made me quit the game. The GPU is the Nvidia GTX 660 and the CPU is a I7 3770k I just want to know how to fix this it has anoyed me for a while now.
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  1. the newest drivers just recently released. download them and when you install them, select the option other than the recommended, i think it's labeled at complete or custom or something, but the main thing is that it deletes all the previous drivers before installing the new ones. give that a try and report back.
  2. okay i will try that ty
  3. Okay it has installed i will play for a while and see if it worked
  4. yeah that worked thank you very much i can do a lot more commentary's now
  5. Thats worked for the GPU has stopped working and has succesfully recovered but not for the freezing mid game
  6. I have the exact same problem.

    When I first got BLOPS2 it ran flawless for about a month. Highly enjoyable game.

    Then on March 29th it started freezing just minutes into the game and loud static would come across the speakers.

    Occasionally I will get a screen like the one below:
    But it is kinda rare. I have only seen it come up 3 times. My computer has probably frozen at least 18 times by now.

    I did a clean install of the drivers and I made it 4 games with out a crash before it started again. Also when I disable the sound it seems to work but what fun is that?

    COD4 and the original blackops will crash too but not as frequently.

    This is highly frustrating.

    I thought it was an AMD Driver issue but apparently not since the OP is using a GeForce.
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