i am unable to print wirelessly can you help me?

Can you help me print wirelessly? My usb is damaged
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  1. Might help us if you specify which model printer you have...
  2. do you have a wireless printer?
  3. do your computer have wireless?
  4. It is entirely possible that we can help. However you must provide a MUCH greater level of detail on your configuration. To translate to a more easily understood, non technical way of speaking. Your question reads like...

    Can you help me cook my husband / wife's favorite meal. I have some ingredients.

    What is that favorite meal? What ingredients do you have?

    Or in your situation...

    What make / model printer do you have? Do you have a compatible WiFi router, or access point? What broke on the USB? Is it the USB on your computer that busted, the printer, or just the cable?

    For what it's worth, if the failure is on the printer, you might be money, time, and frusttration ahead if you simply replace the printer with a WiFi compatible printer such as an HP Deskjet 3510e (Going for $59.00 currently).
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