Cable Management Help Needed!

Hey guys, Finished my build, but I'm having issues with cable management.
I spent some time with some zipties, and managed to move the cables out of the way for now.
My case is a CoolerMaster Elite 430, which has no room for cable management as far as i can tell, and my PSU is not modular.
Any ideas to help with these unsightly cables?
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    If you have no room on the back, all I can suggest is moving that hard drive to the bottom slot. Then, run your cables into the empty drive bays. At least then the huge bundle of cables is somewhat hidden. You have an air intake there though, so you may want to disregard this advice.

    I found a review for this case that may give you some ideas.
  2. that looks like the inside of my case... you could try stuffing the unused power cables into empty HDD bays.
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