i-7 820QM swap with i-7 2670QM

I have an alienware m17x r2 with an i7 820 and a new xps with an i-7 2670qm. I want to swap the two processors. Is swapping the two possible?
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  1. No. They use two different sockets.
  2. What is the difference between the pga and fcpga socket?
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    not possible, the 820qm use PGA988 and the newer 2670QM use FCPGA988 (even if they have the same number of pin, they're not in the same position so that will not fit)
  4. Any suggestions for a possible upgrade?
  5. laptop are bad for upgrade, even if you find a cpu with the correct socket, it'll need the bios to run it and if the laptop you have never had this cpu option (ex: faster I7) then it'll not work...
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