Acer Aspire 4736 shutdown automatically

Using the said laptop, on WinXp SP3.

1. It shutdown automatically in normal mode. No beeps, no warning, just kaput. In safe mode, no such thing as shutdown. I can use it for hours on safe mode.

2. It does not overheat, plus i'm also using a cooling fan. I cleaned the inside from dust and made sure the fan is working properly.

3. I tried reinstalling WinXP but no change. I tried installing Win 7 but the installation was aborted halfway by a BSOD, mentioning an unknown error.

4. I've tried replacing the network card, RAM, and even the batteries, but still the problem occurs.

5. Please someone clear this matter for me? I need to use the laptop for work, and now that it will just run properly in safe mode, there are some features unusable.

Thanks a lot, helps are very much appreciated.
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  1. In safe mode, by default the fan is spinning at full speed. In normal mode the fan spin is controlled by windows/BIOS.
    Try to monitorize the CPU temperature, for example with PC Wizard or Everest, to check if is due a overheating failure.
  2. Hi :)

    Hard drive failing or possibly another hardware fault as its shutting down so fast....

    Run a HIRENS CD hard drive test first in DOS...

    All the best Brett :)
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