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I am currently running Windows 7 on a 1TB HDD. I would like to put the operating system and some main stuff on a SSD and then use my current HD as a data drive. Ideally, I would like to just unplug the HDD and throw Win7 on the SSD then replug in the hard drive and clean it up.

Obviously I only have the one key but I would like to not mess with the HDD so its a back-up if I have any issues installing Windows on the SSD. Is it possible to put Windows 7 on the SSD without first uninstalling it from the HD?

Windows 7 Home Edition if it matters....

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  1. install windows7 onto the ssd. simple as that.
  2. The best (for stability) way is by reformatting it completly and install windows on the SSD directly

    You can migrate windows on the SSD (assuming your partition is the same size or you'll need a migration tool but you still need that your windows drive is small enough to fit in the SSD capacity with all the programs installed...)

    I really suggest the complete reinstallation on the SSD as it'll ensure correct operation and stability... (you'll need to reinstall every program but that worth it as it'll be faster and stable)

    PS: i tried Migration and complete reinstall and i certify the complete reinstall is the best... Smart response also work really good if you don't want to do anything complicated on your computer to have the SSD speed (smart response isn't as fast as the SSD alone but it's about 80 to 90% i would say but without any reinstallation or space problems)
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    On your second concern..Win7s key is tied to your motherboard and not your HDD so doing a fresh install to an SSD will have no issues.
    And you can keep the install that's on your HDD as a back-up till your sure that everything is ok on your new drive.
    Then simply format it as one large partition or make several partitions, however you see fit.
  4. You can clone your drive from HDD to SSD, Samsung for example provides a free tool to do this. But if you want to install it fresh just unplug your HDD while installing OS onto the SSD and check having AHCI turned on in BIOS. Also check to use the Port 0 on your controller integrated SATA port for SSD connection.
  5. Also, be sure that the SSD is the only drive connected when installing the OS. Attach the remaining drives after the OS installation is complete.
  6. Awesome, got the information I needed... Thanks everyone!
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