Asus z77 motherboard red light near RAM first time build

Hello everyone,

this is my first pc build the parts I'm using are as follows
Case Coolermaster 932 Haf
CPU i7 3770 LGA 1155
RAM 2 4gb G.skill Ripjaws f3 12800cl9d-8gbrl
Motherboard Asus z77
PSU coolermaster 750w

I have a few problems. When I turn the power on the green light comes on and the cpu idicator light flashes red for a second then goes out. The light by the RAM is always red. I have tried reseating the RAM it's in the slot closest to the CPU. The clips on the RAM slot don't exactly clamp down, but I know the RAM is compatible. I'm thinking the red light might be behindmy other problem which is the fact that nothing shows up on the screen when I plug the HDMI cable into my tv. I also have tried putting in a graphics card the fan doesn't spin. My graphics card is pretty old so I'm not to worried about this part since I will probably upgrade it. This is my first pc build, so I could be screwing up something simple. I was searching around for the solution and read about someone with the same problem who had to RMA the motherboard. I would like to avoid sending the motherboard if there is nothing wrong. thanks to anyone who can help.
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  1. The RAM are suppose to be "clamped" down to ensure proper seating, just apply pressure on the edges make sure they snap in. Also list the full mobo model, Z77 tells us nothing except its chipset number.
  2. Sorry it's a sabertooth z77. Well I followed your advice pushed it down the clips closed, but the red light is still on.
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    Did you press the button on the motherboard to test the RAM, its called the MemOK switch? It could also be that you received defective RAM, test them individually in the DIMM slot.
  4. Yes, I have it shuts down everything then restarts with a flashing red light. Wow okay tried it with a different RAM the red light by the RAM turned off. So I guess I have to RMA the faulty RAM. I'm still having an isue with nothing showing up when I plung in an HDMI cable though. I have had another pc plugged into the tv, but it wasn't through the HDMI.
  5. Okay it was my tv. Thank you very much for the help.
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