Best value Motherboard for I3 2120 and GeFroce GTX 650 Ti

I'm Building a new PC, mainly for light gaming (PCSX2 Version 1.0.0 above hopefully). The CPU is I3 2120, with a Zotac Ge Force GTX 650 Ti 1 Gb. I'm looking for motherboard with best value for it (hopefully for no more than US$ 65). I'm leaning toward a mobo with B75/P75 chip, thiugh still unsure if those chips is a bit too much for sandy bridge I3. other desired features for the mobo (doesn't have to include everything) : PCIe 3.0, USB 3.0, and SATA 3. I'm hoping for alternatives (more than 1 suggested mobo) so I can pick and choose accordingly. Especially I'm looking for best value for money motherboard cause i'm on a limited budget (max US$ 600 for the whole package-monitor not included. Any help will be appriciated.
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  1. This -
    A great board for the price. I had a friend that used it in his build and it works flawlessly.
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