looking for the best combination?

G'Day just about to do a build and would really appreciate some feedback on the system.

Currently have corsair 600t case with, corsair gs700 psu and an asus GTX 650.

Am looking at either core i7 3770k (or non k) or i5 3570k

sabertooth z77 mobo

120gb ssd samsung 840 series or intel 330 series

not 100% with the ram unsure on 2x 8gb sticks@1600 or 2x 4gb sticks@1800
and will be either corsair of kingston.

coolermaster v8 cpu heatsync

i will be using the computer mainly for flight sim x internet browsing and skyrim.

Any variations or recommendations welcome.
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  1. A i5-3570K will be a good choice.

    Get something like a V6GT, this is because the V8 has been infamous for bending boards.

    I would get the cheaper memory sticks, speed doesn't really matter.
  2. speed does matter,if Cas latency is what your looking at. Anyway, with this build its honestly up to you, unless you plan on doing alot of animation or rendering, go with a higher amount of ram (2x8) if not 2x4 is more then enough for most people. I also perfer to choose ram on the vendor list that's compatible with the mobo just for insurance. and like amuffin said, get the v6gt, cools just as well and doesn't weigh 20 pounds lol.
  3. ok so im thinking Kingston hyper x with the core i5 3570k and I really like the look of the v6, I plan on possible overclocking in the future so maybe liquid cooling??

    I would also like to know if the spec of my system would allow a game like say BF3 to run at full graphics?
    Keep in mind the GTX 650 is only 1gb

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