24" - 27" IPS Gaming Monitor - $300-$600 Price Range

I have recently decided to part with my home computer triple screen display consisting of (2) Acer 23" S231HL and (1) Acer 27" G276HL, in a attempt to consolidate to a high quality single IPS monitor for mixed use. I do a wide range of things on my work/home pc's, but mostly when using my home machine, which is the focus of this project, it will be used for and FPS and RTS gaming. I would like to move to quality single 24"-27" IPS display capable of high pace enthusiast base FPS and RTS gaming with hardly noticeable lag, tearing, etc. I am not completely sold on the IPS due to mixed response relating to lag issues. It is my preference to purchase a monitor closer to the 27" size with under 5ms response and best in class color production and best resolution. I have reviewed several monitor models and am having a hard time deciding.
Currently I am running a overclocked single HD6950 on a 3570K chip. Atm, I dont see a reason moving to a faster GPU or running CF/SLI based on my current pc performance.

I am fairly versed in the monitor jargon, however, I am having a hard time deciding if a $150-300 sway across select monitor models is worth the money investment from a gaming perspective.

These are a few that I am looking at, any feedback would be appreciated. Please point out any models not listed that fit the bill please.

ASUS PA248Q: http://

ASUS MX279H: http://

AOCI2353PH: http://

benq XL2420T: http://

benq XL2720T: http://

LG 29EA93-P: http://

Dell U2412M: http://

Dell U2913WM: http://
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  1. Input lag will have a bigger impact than response time at anything less than 8ms response for 99% of use. I wouldn't prioritize response timings. On the other hand, I find 16X10 resolution to be very helpful for managing workspaces and comfortable gaming (vs 16X9). Otherwise, I'm not much more educated than you. Sorry I can't help more
  2. After of hours of research and comparison I finally pulled the trigger on a monitor. Or should I say monitor's, lol in a attempt to move to one screen, I found myself not being able to part with the real estate of multi. After tedious debate over more than a dozen models I selected two U2312HM from Dell. They really seemed to provide the most value for the money in terms of a IPS with great input lag times, responsiveness and low blur. Paired with an adjustable stand pivot screen which is hard to come by at this price level.
    The cherry on the top was they are on sale at newegg for $220 + 10% off and Free shipping! Got two on the way for under 400, I am anxious to see how they stack up.
  3. Let us know how you like them!
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