What is the best PCI card, Not PCIE

I'm bringing a old computer back to life and upgrading it to the max. A dell dimension 3000 because I more or less feel like it.

Simple question. What is the best PCI card of all time I will pick it up off of ebay.

Is it the 8400gs series? or what? Im sure someone has the answer to this.
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  1. Gt430 didnt know they made that on pci
  2. It's got a ati 9250 in it right now.
  3. Is the gt 430 the best pci card around?
  4. yes
  5. ASHISH65 said:

    I wonder how much better then the 9250 it is.
  6. You can also get an Ati/AMD Radeon 5450 on PCI.
    You will also see a 7350 of which is a re-branded 5450 :no:

    So at least you have one more option :ange:
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