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Hi guys,

After writing this whole thread I realized this has turned more into about personal advice involving the console than the actual console itself. It's also really long. I'm sorry for that.

I'm predominately been a PC gamer since I sold my xbox years ago. I haven't really touched consoles since, but I keep getting hammered by a friend into getting a PS3 for the exclusives. I definitely am curious to try PS3 exclusives gamers love, especially some of the things that have come from Japan. But getting a PS3 is a little out of my way at the moment. Here are a few reasons:

1.) The biggest issue is getting another monitor. I have a single input Yamakasi Catleap (Korean 1440p IPS) so it wouldn't be able to display the PS3 video correctly all that good. I went out and bought myself an Auria, which is the same pane of monitor, but has speakers, a scalar, and more inputs). The problem with that is the scalar definitely introduces more input lag when I play PC games and I'm not sure if it's just noticeable because it's new or if I'll be able to tolerate it after a while. For money reasons I can only keep one. So if I stick with the Auria I have to part with my Catleap, which may take a while to sell.

2.) Space issues. I barely have any room for it on my desk and I have no where else to put it in my house.

3.) Money issues. I'm a college student looking for a job, so until then money is tight, but since I still am living in my parents' house I only have to pay for my gas and the incidentals. Not too many costs, but money isn't replenishing that much :( I found a great deal for getting a 320GB slim PS3 manufacturer refurbished with a 1 year warranty for $200. $200 is fine, but since I'm already buying PC games (although not that often) I'm not sure I can justify the purchase of PS3 games after that.

4.) Doubts. This is two things. First is the personal question if you feel that the PS3 graphics are outdated. Coming from a 1440p PC gamer that likes to max everything, I'm not really sure yet how I feel about this. I haven't seen a PS3 on any Korean IPS so I can't tell. I'm also doubting if I will be able to get much use out of it. I'm not sure how often I'd be able to play it, plus I'm still mainly a PC gamer. Beyond exclusives, I really don't know if I will use it. But then again, I don't know if I'll be sucked in for hours on end with the exclusives.

I feel like this is quite a lot of hassle and the answer is obvious, but I wanted to discuss this. I really want to try the exclusives and maybe the other functions of having a console, but do you think it would actually be worth it in my case? Can you list any solid reasons (maybe some exclusives I HAVE TO play or feedback to my concerns) why getting a PS3 is still a good idea? Also, would you recommend I jump on this PS3 deal, or buy a PS3 or PS4 when the PS4 releases?

Thanks so much for reading this. I've been wanting to get a PS3 for a while, but I've had this debate with myself a few other times, which has prevented me from taking action. So now I'm seeking the feedback of others :)
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  1. The PS3 graphics are dated now the console itself its getting old and the PS4 is just around the corner but I do own a PS3 and use it regular even though I have a decent gaming PC which mops the floor with the PS3. My reasons for the PS3 are like you said exclusive's but thats not the main reason. Many of my friends also have a PS3 and the good thing about it is you can turn it on load a game and play. I have gone to many LAN parties and by the end of the nite the PS3 is on as you can sit back in a chair and relax with a pad without the need for a tray or book for the mouse There are no issues it just works. Not all my friends have the money to spend big money on a PC so the PS3 was the better option for them. We also play a lot of older multi player games and they dont look much different on the PC as the PS3.

    You need to ask yourself will you really use it or will it just be a $200 paper weight. I bought one and never looked back, i use my PS3 as much as I use the PC so for me the purchase was well worth it. I come from the gaming days of AMIGA so for me gaming is all about game play and less about how shiny it looks (although I do like to run games at max resolution on my PC).
  2. Thank you :)
  3. Sounds like you don't really want it. Don't get it.

    I like the exclusives, but hardly touch the thing now. Most really good games are also on PC nowadays, and they're better versions of those games.
  4. jesot said:
    Sounds like you don't really want it. Don't get it.

    I like the exclusives, but hardly touch the thing now. Most really good games are also on PC nowadays, and they're better versions of those games.

    This is what is wracking my brain right now. I don't want it because I don't think it's worth the money given all the conditions I listed, but at the same time every time I see a game I want to play and see that it is console exclusive I get sad. Even more, a lot of the PS3 exclusives look amazing and I really want to give them a try, I just can't justify this purchase. I don't know what to do!
  5. ps4 when released will not be cheap so you may not be able to buy it immidiately

    ps4 may not have backwards compatibility so some specific exclusives may remain on ps3

    but still you may want to stock money for the ps4 rather than to just blow it

    i really believe that you should buy the ps3 only
    if you can later afford a ps4'
    you really are desperate for exclusives
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