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Hi, I recently bought an FX-6300, and I have it running with my old HD 6670. I can play most games at reasonable settings, (I'm going for gaming performance) but I know that my current GPU is holding my CPU back. what are some good cards that could pair with my 6300? so that neither of them are bottlenecked. (I'm also thinking of overclocking in the future)
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    That's a fine processor.

    You can pair that FX-6300 with HD7870 or GTX660ti (provided you got 550Watt+ Good PSU) if you game @ 1080p

    at low resolution a GTX 650 ti or HD7770 with 400Watt PSU looks good.

    Heres how a CPU overclocking would help you with faster cards like GTX 670/HD7970 etc
  2. For 1080p? The 650 Ti and 7850 are decent sub-$200 GPU's. 7870 for $240ish. 7950 and GTX 660 Ti will deliver better performance for $310ish. 7970, GTX 670 and GTX 680 are the top-end GPU's.
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