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In the middle of the DR Congo and am planning on installing a Vsat. I will need to connect to 4 buildings off campus and a WIMAX system seems the ticket. Is there a good guide with what modems and antennas are needed for the base station (omni-directional) and the client ones?
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  1. If you really mean WIMAX that technology uses licensed frequencies. It generally is only sold from dealers who are permitted to install it. When you deal with licensed radio frequencies the selling dealer is responsible for antenna design and selection..since they are the ones that get in trouble if it violates the laws. Now my experience is only in countries where radio transmissions are highly regulated.

    I am going to bet WIMAX is a technology that will die off. Sprint/clear in the USA have it implemented to provide mobile broadband but are replacing it with LTE.

    A unlicensed technology that does something similar is sold by motorola called canopy. Not sure you can get it in congo. This system uses the same 5g band consumer WIFI routers use. The key difference is the central station control the remote stations and only allows them to transmit when appropriate. Normal WIFI is everyone transmits at the same time and hopes to get lucky.

    It is possible to design this yourself and use standard 802.11 wifi but there is no way to control the end stations.
  2. As I research I've found hardware that is WIMAX and LTE compatible. It appears that the antennas are the same as you'd use for wifi as it is using the same 5ghz band. The big difference I think is wifi requires line of sight and WiMax does not as much and the range is also greater. All what I need. Also, if this works, I can see setting this up in rural areas for internet where they'd normally be waiting years/decades to get it.
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    @Stillblue if you are working on Wimax over VSAT the following things you can consider for your scenario of 4 building off campus

    VSAT - Depends on your data rate you can select the technology.
    For Congo i would suggest DVBS2 - SCPC on C band
    Many vendors provide this depending on your datarate you can select

    Wimax - you can use Radwin 5000HPMP (Point to multipoint)
    If you are operating on Non-Lisence band this product is still okay to use
    Wimax Penetration I would say will be 10-30Miles depending upon your terrain
    You can use this Radwin 5000HPMP and transmit mutiple beams and CPE's in the destinations receiving them and providing local network connectivity
  4. @StillBlue
    If you require my expertise please feel free to email me
  5. MSyed said:
    If you require my expertise please feel free to email me

    Will do. The decision on a final system is still under discussion.
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