Best 120-128GB SSD for around $130-$150 AUD

Title says it all I don't know what to get, haven't bought or had a SSD before
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  1. is a Samsung 840 pro 128gb in your price range?
  2. Yea they are $145 or I could get a 840 for $95
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    840 pro are better drives, this site actually prefers a 840 pro 128gb over a standard 840 at 256gb
    there are faster write speeds on the 840 pro and they are supposedly more reliable and last longer.
    in fact i bought one yesterday :) there are methods of making your users folder and program files folder to be moved to a secondary mechanical hard drive so you wont use to much of that space.
    all in all the 840 pro is more quality.
  4. Yea I was thinking the 840 pro I'm gonna have OS on it and maybe photoshop and a few games so the extra 8gb may come in handy aswell ill try to find a cheaper 840 pro :)
  5. what about a kingston hyper X, i can get a 120Gb for about $120
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