How do i restore my Pc to factory settings?

How can i restore my Pc to factory settings Windows 7.
When i go to the Advanced Recovery Methods there isnt a restore to factory settings, only reinstall windows (requires windows installation disk) But i dont own a disk.

(It is a legit copy.)
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  1. Hi, can you tell us the brand of you computer. A lot of prebuilt systems come with recovery partitions.
  2. Its lenovo (Crappy building my pc this week) but i've restored it multiple times i dont know why i cant do it now?
  3. Is there a reset hole on the front of your case? As they sometimes trigger recovery partitions
  4. Nope, non that i can see
  5. Ive taken out my 2nd hard drive? Will that cause it to not allow me to restore to factory settings? (The drive i currently have in is the oS)
  6. Try continuously pressing the f11 key while the computer boots up.
  7. i just tried that, came up with the bios i believe but i dont know what to pres
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