Setting up single (combined) network from 3 seperate internet connections (gateways)?

I live in an area with bad access to proper hard-line, so our building has 3 seperate internet connections to triple the bandwidth.

It is intended to be a shared network. We are about 20 users and need 4 emitters to have everyone completely covered by WIFI (haven't bought those yet). LAN cables installed as normal.

On cabled LAN it is obviously not such a big deal what network you are on, but it is when you move around the building.

Plus, only being connected to a third of the bandwidth allows for only a third of maximum speed. I am aware of software like Dispatch by Connectify, but would prefer a solution where people wouldn't need specific software. And it obviously won't work via a (single) cable.

Is there any way to combine the bandwidth from the 3 connections without the need for 3 modems, 3 routers/switches? I have never come across a setup like this, so i was just wondering if it was possible.

The hardware is Netgear WNR3500 with DD-WRT v24-sp2 mega formware. Suggestions for repeaters/access points/whatever to use with this router would be appreciated also :-)
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  1. The problem with that is it only works for things like web browsing where the client can send and receive data over multiple IP's. Merging inet connections won't help gamings, let's say, because the game client and server need 1 direct IP connection and with 3, they will never get the use of all 3 bandwidths.

    Most routers that deal with multiple internet connections are made for backup or load balancing. 1 connection goes down, the other switches on automatically so the business can still function, or 1 user gets directed to connection 1, 2nd used to connection 2, 3rd user to connection 1, 4th user to connection 2, so the load is balanced, but usually companies that do this use a dedicated server running something like Pfsense to do this.
  2. Agree Pfsense running on older PC can more than suitable as router/firewall/gateway and WAN load balancing.
  3. Be very careful if you have not used load balancers before. It sounds really good to let the balancer use round robin or least open session etc etc but internet based servers tend to detect this as a security issue. They assume your IP address never changes. When you load balance 3 ISP like you propose you will have 3 different possible IP. So if you open a page on one site that then refers you to a second one it many times hides the IP in a cookie or other field. If it detects a change it will cause the application to fail. Many times you will be force to use a option called "sticky" that uses the same gateway for all traffic for a particular machine. This means a single machine may only use a single ISP connection at a time and it will not change based on things like utilization.
  4. Manos Crete said:

    I did it with 3 lines chek this
    the 2 of 3 lines are wireless and i used 2 ubiquiti nanostation m2

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