ASUS AMD Radeon HD 7850 will not run, no signal on monitor, 3 beeps and orange power light on boot

Ok. I bought an HP-Envy 1435 Desktop.
I decided I would want to upgrade the gpu. So I looked into what I might want to buy. The computer itself comes with a NVIDIA GT 620 1 GB DDR3 GPU. I bought an ASUS AMD Radeon HD 7850 GPU. I was talking to some friends who have built computers before, and they recommended I upgrade the PSU. The one that shipped with the computer is a 460-watt PSU.
I upgraded to a DiabloTek 575 Watt PSU.

I received the GPU and PSU. I proceeded to install both into my computer. The problem is when I attempted to turn the computer on after I installed the PSU and GPU. I received 3 short beeps from the computer, the monitor received no signal, and the light on the power button went from white to orange. I then switched back to the original PSU and GPU. And the same issue occurred again.

I then brought the computer back to the store I purchased it from. They said it was still under warranty, and they would fix it. I received it back today. I asked for a report of what they did, and the report stated that they put a new DVD-RW drive in, and restored the software. The guy at the repair center desk stated that I might have had a boot-up virus.
I then, yet again, proceeded to try and install the PSU, and GPU. And received the same issue. I then took out the new GPU, and reinstalled the old GPU. And it proceeded to work fine.

I still have the 575-watt PSU installed, and the computer is running fine. I tried to look into any possible issues that might be occurring. And a lot of other forum posts stated that the issue could be a lack of enough power. And that I should look up in the motherboard's troubleshooting manual what the beeps mean.
However, I looked all over, and I can't find the manual anywhere. I proceeded to google it, and I could not find it anywhere. Even the HP-support website does not have the manual.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you. :)
- Brian
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    This new PSU you bought should provide enough power to start your PC. Are you sure you connected both PCI-E power connectors to your card? Have you cleared your CMOS prior to installing your card?

    Best regards.
  2. Thank you, that actually worked. I had to clear the CMOS. When I went to do it through the BIOS however, it did not allow me to do it. So I looked up where the jumpers were. And it took me about a half hour to find the damn thing. But I got it to work.
    Thanks again.
    - Brian
  3. No problem :) Glad you made it.
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