Dual-Core vs Quad-Core - where does it say?

Where does it tell me on the specification whether it's Dual-Core or Quad-Core. I see no mention of either on Sony S series.
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  1. What exact model number of Sony are you looking at?
  2. goolge the cpu spec.
  3. Sony SVS 1335 i7 3540M Processor 3Ghz etc.
    Sony SVS 1513 i7

    I've looked at the specifications and don't see it.
  4. I want something to use for short film editing but the reviews said the 1335 was a good professional machine and not one for graphics. I don't know.
  5. The i7-3540 is a dual core CPU that supports HT. See here for more info:


    The second Sony you mention comes with different hardware configs based on the specific variant being used. Just get the CPU info and look it up at the same site I linked above.
  6. For film editing, you also want to have a dedicated GPU (graphics adapter). What application do you intend to use for editing?
  7. At present, on my present laptop, I'm using windows live movie maker, but I need to progress to something more finely tuned so will buy separate software once I get settled. But I've been told I need 4 quad as opposed to 2 quad and I don't know which part of the specification this information is listed under.
  8. All mobile (laptop) CPUs are dual core CPUs.

    The only exception are the Core i7 with the "QM" or "QE" designation. Any mobile CPU with "Y", "U", "M", etc. are dual core CPUs.

    Examples of quad core Intel CPUs are:

    core i7-3612QE

    core i7-3610QM
  9. Brilliant. Thank you. That's the information I need.
  10. One final question: would you say that the Sony SVS 1513G with 3632QM processor 2.20Ghz with turbo booster up to 3.20 and graphic NVIDIA Gforce GT650M LE GPU speed model Intel HD Graphics 4000 stamina mode 2gb DD23(speedmode) is sufficient to do detailed editing of films up to ten minutes long?
  11. Movie Maker really is a basic tool and its ability to take advantage of more than 2 cores is questionable. For a more robust product, having more cores and a supported GPU (for GPU accelerated capabilities) can make the editing/rendering process faster.

    Just keep all of this in mind for your future hardware and software purchases.
  12. Thanks. You've been very helpful. I hope I don't have to call again!
  13. Tom's Forums is a great place to get info for nearly all things tech related. Come back any time you have a question. Good luck!
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