need help !!

im choosing a good 2.1 speakers i'm currently stuck on edifier choosing between edifier s330 = edifier m3300sf = and edifier x600 =,81/ now which to choose the best bang for buck :) or any other edifier speaker not more than $ 170 thanks :)
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  1. I have these and they are awesome. Just a suggestion:
  2. too many bad reviews but ill keep it in mind :)
  3. Understood. Remember, beauty is in the ear of the beholder.

    Either of your initial choices should be okay. If possible, you might want to visit a Microcenter, Tiger Direct, or CompUSA store to listen to some of these speakers.
  4. noted . :)
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    The best thing is to listen to it yourself in person. Everyone has their own taste of what "good" sound is. I personally use $40 speakers and I find them to be great. I'm not that great at speakers but I would go with the first link.
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