Radeon HD7770 on my PSU

Hi, im new user and i have q, i have AMD Athlon X2 6000+ (89W), Geil 2x2GB 800mhz ram, 1 dvd drive, 1 seagate 7200.12 HD, now nvidia 8600GTS and my PSU is 300W. And my question is if i would change my card to Radeon HD7770, will my 300W PSU handle this ??

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  1. The PSU should handle it. It is a low power card.
  2. ok, thx but i have another issue, i have Asus M2v mobo with PCI Express x16 v1.0 and this card have v3.0 , i know its back compatibility but... it will work for 100%??
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    It should work - it just won't give you 100% of what it is capable of. Kind of like driving a Ferrari on city goes, but you have a speed limit. A Ford Escort will go just as fast on the streets if you follow the speed limit.

    I have installed newer v3.0 cards in systems that have v1.0 slots, and they have worked the maximum speed of the mobo.
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