Upgrading CPU for better performance

Best CPU for Phenom II X6 1045T.
Is faster CPU will improve Picture quality ("Chopping") watching Live Streaming Soccer Games and Tennis Tournaments on espn3.com?
It is not for playing "Games".
Also, Best Video Card, if it is matter for Quality.
I am novice, keep it simple, please.
Thank you.
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  1. didn't read.
  2. A faster CPU will likely not help with a choppy display. These issues are usually caused by the video card (especially a drivers issue) or poor network speeds/connectivity.

    What video card are you using now? Are its drivers current? Is Windows fully up to date?

    Also, how do you connect to the internet?
  3. That CPU should have absolutely no trouble with streaming video. Even an AMD IGP should also not have any trouble, however a low-end card like a HD6450 may help with accelerated web pages, including Flash content.
    More likely, the issue is with your Internet connection. If it's wireless, make sure you're using Wireless-N, not G or B. If it is wired, you may need to check with your ISP. If you haven't done it in a while, power cycle your modem and/or router. If you have wireless (even if your own connection is wired), make sure leeches aren't bogging down your connection; at the very least use WPA2 or MAC address filtering to keep them off.
  4. I also say it is Network/ISP related. I have a Phenom II x2 560 that I use to stream video off of my file server via a wired connection, much of it in 720p. I have never had an issue.
  5. Thanks for response.
    I have Windows 7 Premium 64-bit and Integrated GMA (do not honestly know what it is)
    Wired Network with Time Warner Cable at 20 Mbps on Download and 2Mbps Upload.
    System Information tells me that all Drivers are Up to Date!
    HD6450 suggested - I will try to install it, and see if it will help.
    I will follow up with results.
    Once again, thanks.
  6. Hmmm, when I see "GMA" I think of Intel's older Graphics Media Decelerator, which might have trouble with streaming video, but would not be found on an AMD system.
    If other people aren't stealing your bandwidth, it will be interesting to see what the HD6450 does for you.
  7. Onus,
    I am sure you read my initial Question, where i've mentioned that I am "Novice".
    "GMA" was probably wrong term to use.
    I mean Integrated Graphic component on my mother board.
    Sorry for confusion.
    As far as "stealing your bandwidth", I have no idea, and seems to me have no control of it.
    Thank you.
  8. What are your CPU temps like? If it is overheating, that could cause issues.
  9. "What are your CPU temps like?" - I do not know how to answer on your Question!!!
  10. If you have a wireless router that has not had any security put on it, then anyone with a laptop or wireless device within range could be using it to access the Internet. Depending on what they are doing, they could be limiting the amount of your 20Mb/s down that is actually available to you. If you don't have any wireless devices, feel free to go to the router's configuration page (typically accessed at, but could be different) and turn off the wireless.
  11. I am NOT on "wireless", but on "wired" connection by Cord into back of my PC.
  12. Right, but your router may also have wireless capability (assuming you have a router; if you just have a cable modem wired straight to your PC, ignore this, but consider getting a router anyway to act as a firewall).
  13. Raider21 said:
    "What are your CPU temps like?" - I do not know how to answer on your Question!!!

    Download and install this. Run it and it will tell you your processor temps.
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