Gigabyte gtx 670 4gb performing slower then Gigabyte GTX 670 2GB model

Hello all, Thanks in advance for helping me trouble shoot this issue.

I have a Gigabyte GTX 670 4GB model and its performing slower at 1080p then my friends Gigabyte GTX 670 2GB model? Any idea's why? Both cards are at factory settings.

My setup:
I7 3770K
Asus P8Z77V-Pro
8GB 1866mhz Ram
Seasonic 620W PSU
OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SSD
Gigabyte GTX 670 4GB

Friends Setup:
I7 2660K
Asus Maximus Gene II
8GB ram 1600Mhz
Some sort of SSD Drive
Gigabyte GTX 670 2GB model.

Both of us are running RAM in dual channel
Ram is good. PSU is good Everything checks out.
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  1. You left out the most important piece of info... your monitor resolution.
  2. What CPU frequency? Are all the settings in Nvidia Control Panel the same? Are all in-game settings the same?
  3. I take it your settings for the game is "exactly the same?".
    If so check your driver updates make sure its updated.
    *Don't use guru* I Have a gigabyte as well and guru blows. I use precision
    And is your fan settings the same as his?. Temperature is very important
    Just cause you have a 4gb doesn't mean yours should be faster on todays games.
    And if you look at the specs he probably is running at the factory boosted clock speed while you can be running at base speeds.
  4. How about running something like Unigine Valley on both (using the same profile) for a direct comparison?
  5. The 4GB model is designed for SLI setups and multi-monitor configurations. When the 4GB of VRam is unneeded though (either for the GTX 670 or 680) it has been shown to perform a tiny bit slower than the 2gb version: It's likely due to 4gb being way too much for 1080p, and just dragging the card down (by using up resources on memory management or the like) rather than helping it. You definitely shouldn't expect to see any performance increase at 1080p with the 4gb model.

    How much of a frame rate difference is there though, is this would only explain maybe a 5% difference? I assume you've checked you're playing at the quality settings? What games is this in?

    @matto17secs He said 1080p

  6. actually he said 1080p that being said it also would be better if you both run a bench marking application/game and let us now your settings and the results.
  7. How much slower is it?
    Is either system overclocked?

    stuff running in the background is most likely the issue
    what game? is it an MMO or FPS?
    same internet connection?
    Router or switch?
  8. you can also just switch cards with your friend for a second test and see...
  9. Ok so found out he is overclocking his CPU to 4.0ghz. Im stock at 3.5ghz. Im going to OC to 4.0ghz and see what the difference is after that. Also I was running FFXIV new benchmark tool. He ran 8571 score. I ran 7943. 600pt more..
  10. The 4GB cards tend to perform about 5-10% less than their 2GB counterparts in non-surround monitor gaming under 2560x1600 res and depending on the game, sometimes on that resolution as well. It is quite well known.
  11. overlocked to 4.5ghz and scored 8327 at 1920x1080 still under my friends but better. Guess its just the card being 4gb and running slower... 5760x1080 looks so nice tough.. :)
  12. Even though your card is a 4GB model, don't go off trying to pull surround monitor without SLI. You'll need 2 cards for most games and still be unable to play with anti-aliasing enabled.
  13. Yeah, today's games really need 2 cards so SLI is kind of a must if youre going for max performance. It is SOOO handy

  14. My single GTX 670 is powering TERA Online (MMO) Full graphics with no slowdowns, and ran FFXIV new benchmark at 5760x1080 at 4000 points on max settings. Which is a "High" rating it says. :) Very happy with this card.
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