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Installing additionnal SSD drive to computer and transferring windows 8

Hi everyone,

Ok I know there is a lot of very good tutorials out there that can answer my question but my situation is slightly different and I've not found any case which is exactly like mine:

I have this new laptop with a 3.5" HDD (yep 3.5 on a laptop... ) and I fitted a 2.5" SSD in the extra slot provided on the laptop. Now I want to Boot on the SSD drive of course and use the HDD as data backup. As the laptop is new I don't care about loosing any data which should make stuff easier. However I want to be able, once the procedure is done, to also have on the SSD, the hidden partition (if that even exists on windows 8 ?) which can reinstall windows 8 (factory setting) in case of any virus or stuff...

I'm saying that because I managed before to do that with 2 standard HDD on another laptop with Vista but every time I'd use the restore function it would re-install Vista on the wrong hard drive...

If I do that on this new laptop with windows 8, I want to be sure it restores windows on the SSD and not the HDD

Is that possible ?

Note : I've got Acronis True Image if that can help in any way...

Thanks for the help !
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  1. You will need to clone your original hard drive to the ssd.
    Acronis clone can probably do that.

    One option is to install the ssd in the original location using a 3.5" to2.5" adapter.
    Set the original hard drive aside in case you ever need it in the future.
    In the extra slot, install a high capacity 2.5" laptop drive.
  2. Ok but the thing is I want to keep the original HDD because it's 3TO, so basically What I'm thinking is cloning the HDD to the SSD but then is there something I have to do in the BIOS (or OS ?) to tell the computer to consider the SSD as the primary ?
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    With two hard drive capability, there should be an option in the bios to direct the pc to boot from one or the other.
    But, I have no idea if using the the recovery partition will direct the recovery to the original location.

    Why not replace the hard drive with the cloned ssd and verify that all works. Assuming all is ok, then install the 3tb drive in the second location, and you should be able to clear it our for full use.
  4. Ok I tried and it worked! Thanks !

    I cloned the hdd to the sdd, then unplugged the hdd, booted, reinstalled windows from the recovery of the ssd so it would "think" there's only one drive, then plugged back the hdd, booted, and amazingly it booted on the correct drive (the ssd) I just erased the hdd contents and tadaaa !!

    Thanks or you help I appreciate it !
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